Quick Stats:

Background Information and Company Claims: The AmazonNutrition website claims that Braino is designed to “contain mega-doses of powerful brain supplements … all combined into a highly concentrated comprehensive brain supplement.” Braino is a brain supplement from Island Nutrition. They aim to support a healthy brain function through a series of immediate energy and long-term support.

Pricing Plans (Cost): $78 (plus $7 for S/H) for a 1-Month Supply Bottle (Bottle contains 120 capsules; serving size is 4 capsules to be taken daily)

Company Policies (Shipping, Returns, and Refunds): All policies are well-defined and addressed at some level. Shipping is a flat rate of $7. Purchase comes with a limited 30 day guarantee. Basically, on their FAQ page, they state that they will accept returns within 30 days of purchase for a refund less shipping and handling (less $7). At the same time, they reserve the right not to issue multiple refunds to the same purchaser. Customer has to e-mail first before shipping a return. A-

List of Ingredients: Choline (as choline dihydrogen citrate), PhosphatidylSerine complex (from soy), l-Tyrosine, d/l-Phenylalanine, l-Glycine 150 mg, Acetyl-l-Carnitine, l-Taurine, DMAE Bitartrate, Proprietary Green Tea extract, Bacopa Monniera (Brahmi) extract, Club Moss (huperzia serrata) (1% huperzine A), Vinpocetine, vitamin C, vitamin B1;B2;B3;B5;B6;B9:B12

Questionable Ingredients (Red-Flags): There are no red-flags.

Customer Service Contact Information: Customers can reach AmazonNutrition at info@amazonnutrition.com, or phone at (702)-430-8414. No toll-free number.

Meta-Data Reputation: Customer reviews across our certified credible sources are slightly above-average.

Notable Statuses: Vegetarian

Review Summary

Braino takes third place in our 2015 brain supplements ranking. The company takes a scientific look at improving the brain function, and doesn’t use over-the-top marketing. We like how Braino discloses all the ingredients and exact amounts to users. Furthermore, we believe users may experience short-term and long-term benefits. Although, we believe the blend is definitely geared more-so for just the long-term brain health gains. Another aspect that holds back the supplement though, is that users need to take a large amount of capsules daily for benefits (4 capsules a day). Furthermore, their product is currently rather expensive. As this product will cost $85 ($78 + $7 S/H) a month. We would only recommend trying out this product if you have the money to spare a compare/contrast on your own. Although Braino has a lot to offer, you would be better off with one of the higher rated products. All of these factors contribute to our rating:

3.5 out of 5 stars.

Full Review of Braino

Braino has a mixed reception across the web by customers and reviewers of the product. Most agree that the ingredient blend is solid for long-term brain health. However, many, including us, complain about the exaggerated cost of the product; $85 a month.
Looking into AmazonNutrition (official seller of Braino) website’s Terms and Conditions, and Company Policies, we were impressed by the honesty and straight-forwardness that was displayed and presented to customers. For example, shipping and handling fees are written out very directly. Second, there is no auto-shipping program, so customers won’t receive additional billing without notice. Third, there is a return policy in place, although it does require multiple steps that will depend on the company’s individual response.
When it comes to choosing a brain supplement, the best option depends on the effects that you are looking to gain. Some supplements offer only immediete-term effects. Other’s offer only long-term benefits or preventing cognitive decline for elderly users (for example, omega-3 supplements). Braino’s ingredient blend is geared primarily for long-term effects, although some positive short-term effects will be felt by users (in terms of mental energy). Furthermore, the benefits should build over time. This will require a commitment by the customer to continuously take 4 capsules daily for the next several months (and there is no discount for buying in bulk).

How Does it Work?

Similar to most brain supplements, Braino contains a blend of ingredients that the company states may be able to support healthy brain function, including, “focus and concentration, oxygen to the brain, cerebral circulation, neurotransmitter quantity and activity, eyesight and hearing, creativity,” and more. Although the website that sells Braino does talk a little about the studies that have been conducted on individual ingredients, they do not provide links to the studies themselves.

The video above is a marketing video from the Braino website. We are sorry, we also do not understand why this video actually exists or is displayed on the product page, as it really does not provide any information at all. We are guessing this is a marketing/seo-move to increase link juice to the webpage.


Braino contains a great blend of ingredients that offer good long-term benefits. Braino is superior to many brain supplements in the market, and a product that we are happy to place in third. What keeps this product from second place is mainly the exorbitant price … $85 per month.

Furthermore, there is no opportunity to try the product for a lesser period of time. This is because, as we’ve stated before, this ingredient blend is geared more-so to providing the user with long-term brain health gains. As such, Braino must be taken continuously. This can be a problem, as users will need to be diligent in taking 4 capsules daily. The only way to purchase the product at this time is through AmazonNutrition (no affiliation to Amazon, the e-commerce website). Our recommendation is that you would be better off with one of our higher ranked brain supplements at this time. Definitely a supplement to keep an eye out for, as with slight tweaks in the formulation and pricing, this could be a great contender for higher positioning in the upcoming years!