Background Information and Company Claims: The MavenLabs/BrainStack website claims that BrainStack 2.0 is designed to increase the user’s productivity and efficiency, along with improving drive and motivation. MavenLabs was a start-up by Gabe Lee, who had decided to come up with his own nootropics stack to help his own ADD, without the side effects of Adderall.

Pricing Plans (Cost): $34.95 (for 2 week supply, plus $6.95 for S/H), $65 (for 1-month supply), and $180 (for 3-month supply)

Company Policies (Shipping, Returns, and Refunds): All policies are well-defined and addressed at some level. Shipping is $6.95 extra for 2-week supply. 1-month and 3-month supplies come with free shipping. The products come with a “Productivity Guarantee.” Basically, on their Refunds page, they state that they will accept returns for the first 32 pills that a customer purchases over a lifetime after a customer answers a few questions. Customer has to e-mail first before shipping a return. A-

List of Ingredients: Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, GPC Choline, Huperzine A, Caffeine Anhydrous USP, L-Theanine, Bacopa (20% Bacosides), Mucuna Pruriens (40% L-Dopa), Pterostilbene, GABA, Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL, Hericium Erinaceus (Powder)

Questionable Ingredients (Red-Flags): There are no red-flags.

Customer Service Contact Information: Customers can reach MavenLabs through the website contact form,, or phone at (480)-264-0832. No toll-free number.

Meta-Data Reputation: Customer reviews across our certified credible sources are above-average.

Notable Statuses: No GMO, Gluten Free

Our Final Take

The company takes a scientific look at improving the brain function, and doesn’t use a lot of over-the-top marketing. We like how BrainStack has been continuously updating and revising their product in response to customer feedback. BrainStack is a product that could provide some users with short-term and long-term benefits. Another aspect that holds back the supplement though, is that users need to cycle off for a few days each week in order to build back up tolerance. Furthermore, their product is currently rather expensive, especially since the number of pills a user needs to take can vary between 2 and 4. Each bottle lasts 2 weeks. As such, a user can expect to pay at least $60 for a month supply (and that’s if the user pays in advance for 3 months). We would recommend trying out this product. As the refund policy written on the website is good. We have no doubt that BrainStack will continue to improve with time. However, we do feel the need to point out that the owner and creator of the product does seem to have become a little neglectful about keeping the website up-to-date. For example, at the time this review was written and posted, the company’s BBB listing has expired and no longer exists. Yet, the MavenLabs website has the BBB logo and link up (which leads to the prior stated message from the BBB).

Full Review of BrainStack:

BrainStack already has a number of positive and negative reviews across the web. Consumers must understand though, that BrainStack’s formula has gone through a number of revisions over a small period of time. This seems to be because the company is constantly trying to improve its product based on the feedback of customers. This can be perceived as a good sign and a bad sign. As the sudden back-to-back releases of different formulas does seem to suggest that the public is used as a type of beta-testers for various formulas as the company tries to zoom in on the best formula for its product.

Looking into BrainStacks’s website’s Terms and Conditions, and Company Policies, we were impressed by the honesty and straight-forwardness that was displayed and presented to customers. For example, shipping and handling fees are written out very directly (and explained that they only apply if the customer only buys one-bottle). Second, there is no auto-shipping program, so customers can rest calmly knowing that they won’t receive additional billing without notice. As always, before we type reviews, we also conduct due-diligence and pull in meta-data to see what others across the web have to say about a product as well. And it does seem that people who have used the new BrainStack 2.0 do really seem to like it. Yet, the biggest problem remains the cost of the product.

Supplement Details

When it comes to choosing a brain supplement, the best option depends on the effects that you are looking to gain. Some supplements offer only immediete-term effects. Other’s offer only long-term benefits or preventing cognitive decline for elderly users (for example, omega-3 supplements). BrainStack 2.0 offers both short-term and long-term effects aimed specifically to provide a noticeable boost in focus and mental energy. Yet, the benefits do not build over time. Users do point out that this product must be cycled, or else the benefits diminish this means that you need to stop use every so often). Users are urged to try and see the effects that two capsules have and go from there. Some users do point out that they need to take up to four at times. BrainStack effects last about four to five hours.

How Does it Work?

Similar to most brain supplements, MavenLabs contains a blend of ingredients that the company states may “increase neurotransmitters in the brain that are associated with: Maintaining focus, Formulation and storing of memories, Mental Alertness, and Mental cognition (learning).” MavenLabs also includes a number of clinical studies that have been conducted on the ingredients. The website does not explain through summaries the importance of particular studies in relation to their product however.

Pricing Plans

At the time of this review: MavenLabs has a straight-forward pricing plan in place for customers. There are no hidden costs or auto-renewal programs that kick in automatically. All orders come with MavenLabs’ standard 100% Productivity Guarantee (60-Days).

The pricing plans for BrainStack 2.0 are as follows: 2-Week Supply ($34.96 + 6.95 S/H), 1-Month Supply ($32.50*2 = $65), and 3-Month Supply ($30*3 = $180). Each bottle holds enough for two-weeks. Please note that dates are based on the company established serving size of 2 capsules. The company has stated that some users may need 3 or 4 for effects. With an adjusted serving size of 4, the supply lengths would be cut in half.


Conclusion on BrainStack:

BrainStack contains healthy, effective ingredients. Reviews for their latest formulation (titled BrainStack 2.0) are above average based on other brain supplements, and coupled with the satisfaction guarantee, a product that we do recommend for readers, if money is not an issue.

If you choose to buy the product, you can buy two-week, one month, and three month supplies from the MavenLabs website. You can also buy BrainStack 2.0 from time to time from However, the company only sells the 2-week supply through Amazon. Prices do tend to vary on Amazon, staying between $34.95 and $59.95 for the 2-week supply (one bottle). On the MavenLabs website, a two-week supply runs for $41.95 (with S/H). Amazon has free S/H (and free Prime shipping for Prime members). As such, if you are planning to buy a 2-week supply, we would urge you to compare the prices at MavenLabs and Amazon before you make a decision as to where to buy from.