Background Information and Company Claims: Vintage Bright is a supplement manufactured by the Old School Labs Company located in California. According to its Facebook page, the company manufactures uncompromisingly premium supplements. It claims to offer the discerning modern consumer unique products. It also claims that its products have no bulking agents, synthetic flavors, fillers, GMOs, or unnatural sweeteners. The company’s mission is to manufacture uncompromised, premium natural supplements for its informed customers who expect the best.

Pricing Plans (Cost): The Vintage Bright supplement is only available for sale on Amazon. The selling price for a single bottle was $69.99 but it’s been slashed to $44.99. The company offers users free shipping. It is not clear what discount is available to users who may want to buy the product in bulk.

Company Policies (Shipping, Returns, and Refunds): Old School Labs products come with a 100% Money-back guarantee. The company wants users to try all its products and to keep benefiting from them.

If you buy a product and are unsatisfied, you only need to contact the customer support team and your refund will be processed promptly. When you return the first bottle purchased, you are covered by the company’s simple, hassle-free returns policy. If you ordered multiple bottles, you must return them sealed to qualify for a refund.

Military men and women get a 15% discount on all Old School Labs products. This is in appreciation of their service to the country. The same discount is offered to students enrolled in institutions across the U.S.

List of Main Ingredients: Ginseng root extract, L-Theanine, Gingko leaf extract, Caffeine, Bacopa herb extract, blueberry fruit extract, vegetable stearate, and vegetable capsule.

Questionable Ingredients (Red-Flags): There are no questionable ingredients in Vintage Bright..

Customer Service Contact Information:

The Old School Labs Company can be contacted through the contact form available on its website. The company is available on Twitter , Instagram and Facebook

Meta-Data Reputation: Reviews by users rate this focus supplement as an outstanding product.

Notable Statuses: None.


Vintage Bright Review Summary

They have the basic L-Theanine and caffeine formula. It’s basic, but it works. The price is a little on the high side, but can be brought to reason through their promotions and discounts. This is a good introductory formula for most that are just trying brain supplements. Better values and formulas do exist, but this is a solid first product.

User reviews on Amazon and supplement review websites give the product 4 stars out of 5. The reviews are mostly positive.

Vintage Bright is considered fairly priced and easy to consume. The manufacturer’s website is clear on the ingredients used and their expected benefits. The ingredients are all natural, making it a useful supplement. After careful analysis, we think Vintage Bright is worth trying out. All of these factors contribute to our rating:

Vintage Bright 
4 out of 5 stars.

Full Vintage Bright Review

At one time or another, you may have felt you had no energy and your brain was foggy. Thankfully, nootropics have made it easier to get that much-needed boost on time. While there are many in the market, some stand out from the crowd.

Vintage Bright is among the natural supplements produced by Old School Labs. The manufacturer claims it increases your productivity, transforming you into the finest version of yourself. But is it worth all the hype? Let’s find out.

Vintage Bright’s Ingredients and Their Functions

According to the Old School Labs website, the ingredients in Vintage Bright are Gingko leaf extract, L-Theanine, Ginseng root extract, Caffeine, blueberry fruit extract, vegetable stearate, Bacopa herb extract, and vegetable capsule.

Ginseng Root Extract

Ginseng Root has been shown to boost the body’s physical endurance, improve mood, reduce fatigue, and stabilize blood pressure. It contains substances that help strengthen your immune system, enhance brain health, reduce stress, and improve lung function. The root also enhances concentration, improves thinking, and boosts memory.

Bacopa Extract

The Bacopa herb works as an adaptogenic stress reducer. It enhances your memory retention and recall speed. It also reduces anxiety and promotes mental performance, increasing learning capacity. It improves interneuron communication and prevents DNA mutation.


Caffeine is a stimulant that increases alertness and focus by obstructing adenosine signals to your brain. It also speeds up your nerve cells and enhances neuron firing which results in extra energy. Caffeine boosts your mood and increases your attention to detail.

Gingko Leaf Extract

This herbal extract improves blood flow to the brain, resulting in better memory. It is an antioxidant that hinders memory loss. It supports cognitive performance by reversing cognitive decline. Gingko is a mood enhancer that increases energy and reduces fatigue. It has also been shown to enhance the brain’s oxygen and nutrient supply. It has a synergistic relationship with ginseng.


L-Theanine is an amino acid that improves brain function, resulting in enhanced mental clarity. It promotes the transmission of impulses to the brain with greater efficiency. It improves focus, enhances mood, and promotes attention. L-Theanine and caffeine have a synergistic relationship which may result in prolonged attention, easy task switching, and faster reaction time.

Blueberry Fruit Extract

Blueberry Fruit Extract acts as a neuroprotective agent as blueberries are rich in phenols, particularly gallic acid. The extract is also packed with antioxidants, especially proanthocyanidins, which possess anti-aging properties. It decreases DNA damage, improves memory, and promotes brain health and function.  It also supports digestion and restores hormone balance. After strenuous exercise, it can lower damage to muscles.

Vegetable Stearate

This normal fatty acid also goes by the name magnesium stearate. It is found in plants and is a natural form of magnesium. It is used in Vintage Bright to bind the elements of the pills together.

Supplement Fact Details

It’s always great to see a supplement label presented openly for the consumer to really see the stack.

Side Effects

Old School Labs does not list any side effects linked to the Vintage Bright supplement. According to online reviews, the product is generally safe and unlikely to cause any major side effects. But some users say they experienced anxiety and jitters, low concentration, or no change after taking it. Additionally, the amount of caffeine used may be too much for some people.


Old School Labs aims to help its customers achieve their goals without jeopardizing their health. The company claims to “make supplements that make sense”. It is quite active on social media and has numerous followers. However, there is no contact phone number provided, except for a contact page on the Old School Labs website. An email address and physical address aren’t provided either.

Customer Reviews

80% of the customer reviews on Amazon are positive. Supplement review sites give an 80%-90% rating for this product. The positive reviews claim that consuming the product results in increased focus and concentration. Users also mention that it works fast and provides the necessary effect. Some appreciate the fact that the manufacturer lists the ingredients.


You may want to consider trying out Vintage Bright. Its ingredients have been shown to boost brain performance and increase physical vitality. As we stated before, it is a good introductory type product. Though one would say, more introductory to focus supplements versus brain supplements. This is basically your basic caffeine + l-theanine type products with a couple other short-term ingredients. Unlike other products, like Limidax, Vintage Bright doesn’t contain longer term beneficial products in addition to the short-term focus ingredients. The company is transparent about its product and most of the user reviews are leaning on the positive side. The brain supplement doesn’t seem to present any side effects unless misused.